Board Hookup Notes

Keeping with the rough draft nature of this section, I’m just dropping some notes on the board hookup process. This will get filled in and expanded upon and eventually graduate to the Resources section.

  • Need appropriate crimpers
  • 22 gauge wires will work with 24 gauge terminals and fittings, just barely
  • crimping is easier and quicker than soldering as long as you have the right crimpers
  • not all heatshrink tubing is the same, black vs, clear.
  • If you have a local shop, it is worth it to pay a bit extra to be able to test fit and make sure
    you get the right stuff the first time. What you save in part prices can be quickly lost in
    shipping charges from multiple orders to get things right.
  • Solid vs stranded wire.
  • Cheaper wire in budget scale
  • Problems with connecting two D-Sub connectors

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