• Soldering Tips (what you need)

    Of all the skills I can teach about assembling the TouchDRO, soldering is probably where I am the weakest. So I’m going to start there. There’s a method to the madness. Sometimes when someone is new at a skill they are can actually do a better job teaching it because the learning is fresh in […]
  • What Makes IronPunk (videos) Different?

    I’ve been trolling the web looking for free resources for training manufacturing concepts. I’ve found a lot of really good stuff, more than I expected really. There are a number of “YouTube machinists” out there taking their time and energy to pass on their hard earned tips which is a really great thing and very […]
  • About this Site

    This site is developed using WordPress. It uses a theme I developed titled “First in Flight” which is based on the theme UnderScores which was created specifically for others to copy.  Many other pieces of software are either used on this site or in the creation of it. The majority of them are released under some form of […]
  • Web Development

    Somehow when I started this project I didn’t think I would be doing as much web development as I have been doing. It’s my nature, though. I am highly process oriented. If I have to do something multiple times I want to put in the work to make things go as efficiently as possible. It’s […]
  • Online Resource Links

    This is a dynamically generated list of useful online resources. At this point it is one large list. You can search through the list with the search box on the right. Searching will minimize the list to those entries containing the text you have entered, for example “manual” or “CNC”.  You can save out the […]