This page holds resources in development. These pages are dynamic and changing, however contain useful information. For more stable documents, take a look at the Resources Page. For more narrative content and information in a less polished state, take a look at the IronPunk Timeline.
  • Online Resource Links

    This is a dynamically generated list of useful online resources. At this point it is one large list. You can search through the list with the search box on the right. Searching will minimize the list to those entries containing the text you have entered, for example “manual” or “CNC”.  You can save out the […]
  • IronPunk Projects

    These are the projects that will be completed for the first round of Ironpunk. Procedural Projects (those which do not make an object)- These will have a listing of online resources and a short demonstration video. Speeds – SFPM, RPM, how to calculate, resources for determining SFPM for different materials and tools, adjustment due to […]
  • Parts list

    This is the beginning of the parts list. It is incomplete at this point. I’ll add more as I sort through my expenses. The spreadsheet is interactive. The columns are sort-able and the search box below will filter the entries so that, for example, if you want to just see the things I purchased from […]
  • Board Hookup Notes

    Keeping with the rough draft nature of this section, I’m just dropping some notes on the board hookup process. This will get filled in and expanded upon and eventually graduate to the Resources section. Need appropriate crimpers 22 gauge wires will work with 24 gauge terminals and fittings, just barely crimping is easier and quicker […]